Short-Term Rehab

Pataskala Oaks Care Center takes pride in its therapy staff and the services they provide. Pataskala Oaks offers several in-house therapy programs for those residents needing assistance in ambulation, activities of daily living and/or swallowing. The facility’s spacious in-house therapy room is equipped with state of the art apparatuses that allow residents to reach their full potential before returning home. Pataskala Oaks provides physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapy services. Therapists provide treatments during the normal workweek and are also on-call each weekend for special evaluations and/or treatments. Family members are encouraged to observe therapy sessions and take an active role in their loved one’s care. Pataskala Oaks Care Center’s specially trained Nursing Assistants also provide various long-term residents with restorative therapy services to maintain their level of function and mobility.


Physical Therapy at Pataskala Oaks Care Center enhances a resident’s motor and muscle skills. Therapists assess each resident’s needs and design a personalized program to meet individual goals to strengthen and improve movement. Physical Therapy focuses on walking independently or with assistive devises such as a cane or walker. Programs may also include the treatment of pain, wounds, balance disorders and a general loss of function and safety awareness.


Occupational Therapy at Pataskala Oaks Care Center enhances a resident’s ability to complete activities of daily living including bathing, dressing and personal hygiene. Occupational Therapy addresses motions skills, muscle strengthening, fine motor coordination, balance, cognition and visual perception. Comprehensive home evaluations are also provided prior to discharge upon resident and/or family request to promote safety and success in an independent environment.


Speech Therapy at Pataskala Oaks Care Center provides assistance to those residents who have suffered from an acute neurological incident such as a stroke, head injury or progressive neurological impairments (i.e. Parkinson’s Disease, M.S., A.L.S, etc.). Speech Pathologists have extensive training in the anatomy and function of the muscles and nerves of the mouth and neck enabling them to diagnosis and treat residents who have difficulty chewing and swallowing.


Restorative Nursing at Pataskala Oaks Care Center assists long-term care residents in maintaining the highest level of functioning and independence. A specially trained team of Certified Nursing Assistants encourages and assists residents with routine exercise, stretching and walking to maintain function ability.

Other Skilled Services

Tracheostomy Care, Hemo Dialysis Services, Wound Care, Ventilator Care